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Only in New York

Posted by alifeinthecity on August 29, 2011

29 Aug 2011//5:44pm    Union Square     1/60    f/4.8     56mm   ISO 280

Only in New York can you see a Canadian bagpipe player and a Japanese beat boxer playing together.  They were pretty good.

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Flat Iron Building

Posted by alifeinthecity on July 27, 2011

26 July 2011// 5th Avenue and 23rd Street  5:59pm  CMQ-0032

1/500th at F11  18mm lens  ISO 400

A New York City Landmark, said to be the first “skyscraper”.  It was made possible by Mr Otis’ invention of the safety brake for elevators.  Even with the 18mm lens it is hard to find a spot to get it all in without also including to many other things.  I waited for the light to be in my favor and stood in the street.  I love the light at this time of day.  The sky doesn’t overexpose and there is shadow detail.

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Window Washers at Battery Point

Posted by alifeinthecity on July 26, 2011

26 July 2011// Battery Point     8:32am      CMQ_9944

1/500     f/9.0     29mm lens    ISO 400

                                                              26 July 2011// Battery Point      8:31am       CMQ_9943

1/500    f/6.3      62mm lens     ISO 400

This morning I spotted these two window washers enjoying a moment before starting work.  They were not paying attention to the view here, I wonder what the view is like 40 stories up on a window washing scaffold.

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NYPD in Times Square

Posted by alifeinthecity on July 23, 2011

22 July 20011// Times Square   10:18pm                                        CMQ_9703

I went up to Times Square last night, after the sun had set…it was still hot.  It was very crowded and as always, there was a police presence…I saw this officer watching the crowd with the neon behind him….thanks officer!

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